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Co-creating value, positive impact, and innovation, for the present and future generations, with impact-driven entrepreneurs, brands, and organisations.


I’m Claudia, the founder of Muditagency, and I’m not going to tell you to choose us.

I’m going to tell you who we are, and why we do what we do.

Our name comes from the Sanskrit word Mudita that means to enjoy others’ success.

This is the purpose of MUDITA.

An agency aimed to meet the needs of business and society through socially and environmentally responsible strategies.

Note: The inspiring bits are at the end, so keep reading.

Creative Entrepreneurs



We stand for co-creating value, positive impact and innovation, for the present and future generations with impact-driven entrepreneurs, brands, and organizations.

Our vision for the future of Marketing is one where it’s seen as a methodology for influencing behaviours for good and spreading meaningful ideas.

I am Claudia, the founder of Mudita, and I invite you to join us and discover how we can do better marketing together to co-create and enjoy your success!

Creative Entrepreneurs


A conventional consulting firm.

A full-service agency competing for money or fame.

The best in the market for everything and for everybody.


A small lean agency, bootstrapped and proud of it.

A human centric team, engaging and fun.

Change agents caring for your success.

Creative Entrepreneurs




Sustainable Business Growth provides the context in which companies can build profitable customer relationships by creating value for customers to capture value from customers in return, now and in the future.

We can help you proactively pursuing Sustainable Business Growth practices that bring value to not only individual customers but also society as a whole.



Social Marketing seeks to develop and integrate marketing concepts with other approaches and disciplines to influence behaviors that benefit individuals and communities for the greater social good.

Applying a marketing orientation aimed at social innovation will lead your business to organizational success (generating profits) through satisfying customers wants and needs.



We can help you make an internal plan to prepare for and to meet the performance, legal, and transparency requirements to become a Certified B Corp. 

Using business as a force for good can help you attract and retain the best talent, distinguish your company in a crowded market, and increase trust in your brand.

We run tailor made collaborative programs about Sustainable Business Growth, Social Marketing, Impact Design, Value Co-Creation and Innovation.

In addition we give international talks, keynotes, and workshops for events, companies, and business schools

So, think about how you can take advantage of our experience and let us know how we can help bring inspiration to your events.

Creative Entrepreneurs
Creative Entrepreneurs

And, we also organise meetups for our community to meet in person, share our practices and our vision for the future. and grow all together.

Our meetups take place in unique places to offer you the best possible environment for body and soul.

When possible, we love to merge with the surrounding nature to support our vision and bring awareness to all aspects of our lives.




Claudia has led me and helped me through a very important process of reevaluating my business strategy. She made me think in a very constructive way and bring the things that do really matters to me into my business.

Claudia is very patient, professional, understanding and adaptable, she quickly knows how to create a safe environment for her clients so they can learn and expand with satisfaction.

I highly recommend her services. She is an excellent Marketing Mentor and a very pleasant human being to work with.

Othman Haddad

Founder of Otto Sound Therapy, London, UK

Working with Muditagency has been very enriching: clear ideas, easy to implement methodology and excellent follow-up.

We have obtained real solutions and great results.

Claudia is a great professional and a lovely person.

100% recommended. 

Natalia Gómez del Pozuelo

Writer and Communication Expert, Madrid, Spain

I can’t recommend Muditagency highly enough. As a small business owner, I felt I needed to develop greater clarity and a more focused direction for my business.

Claudia certainly helped me do exactly that. Her knowledge, patience and experience have been invaluable to me. Thanks to her help, I’m now ready to launch an exciting new marketing campaign and literally could not have done it without Claudia’s wonderful guidance.

I am incredibly grateful to her and am very excited for the future of my business. Thank you, Claudia!

Keith Abraham

Founder of Dao Of Awakening, London, UK


Do you have a project in mind and curious about working with us?

Or are you looking for inspiration?

We make our services more accessible through tailored programs designed to maximize impact.

We’d love to hear about your current challenges and see how we can work together.

Drop us a line to learn more!


Calle de la Alameda, 22

Madrid 28014 Spain

Claudia Marras

Founder and Co-Creator