Digital Agency specialised in Business Mentoring and Life Coaching.

An out of the box agency that is on the cutting edge of empowering creative entrepreneurs and implementing marketing strategies to fulfil their potential and build something meaningful.

We love developing innovative, high-impact social projects with creative entrepreneurs that, like us, want to inspire, share their passion and generate value.


I’m Claudia, the founder of MUDITAGENCY, and I’m NOT going to tell you to choose us.

I’m going to tell you who we are and why we do what we do.

You already know we are a Digital Agency specialised in Mentoring, Marketing Consulting and Coaching, right?

Okay, great!

So lets get into our MANIFESTO!

Note: The inspiring bits are at the end, so keep reading.

Creative Entrepreneurs


We love helping people by unlocking their potential.

Starting from YOU as a unique human being, we help you finding your mission and overcoming limiting beliefs and fears in order to reach your life and business goals.

Our agency name comes from the Sanskrit term Mudita that means “joy” or “pleasure.” It refers to the kind of pleasure that can be obtained from seeing other people do well.

That is WHY we do what we do:

BECAUSE we really find joy in the happiness and success of others.

Creative Entrepreneurs

We are NOT.

A traditional marketing consulting firm.

A Full Service agency who compete for money or fame.

The best in the market for everything and for everybody.


A small lean agency, bootstrapped and proud of it. Really.

A human being centric team, engaging, personable and fun.

Changemakers caring of your success and passionate about building something meaningful.

Creative Entrepreneurs
Do you have a creative soul but don’t know how to find your purpose and reach your goals? Would you like to develop the right mindset to overcome procrastination and perfectionism? Do you need a mentor or a marketing strategy to grow your business? Let’s connect and grow together! Our Community is a global social learning group of creative entrepreneurs, English, Spanish and Italian speakers, that favors online communication as a way to increase their power and knowledge about the creative mindset for personal evolution and business growth








Creative Entrepreneurs

We run interactive workshop as a structured set of facilitated activities for groups of participants who want to grow together stimulating their creativity through coaching and collaborative working.

Furthermore, if you need a high-profile speaker let us know how we can help bring life to your conference, workshop or festival, and how you can take advantage of our experience.

This is a great way to shine the spotlight on your event.

If you are looking for someone to speak about topics like:

• our experience, mission and vision

• mindfulless and creativity

• growth mindset for entrepreneurs

we hold lectures and talks in conferences and events.

In addition to this, we organize creative retreats combining different kind of activities such as  mindfullness, yoga and coaching in order to re-energize and grow all together.

Creative Entrepreneurs
Creative Entrepreneurs

Our retreats take place in unique places to offer you the best possible environment for body and soul. We love to merge with the surrounding nature to support our vision and bring awareness to all aspects of our lives.

Do you want to know more about these events? Great!

If you are interested in holding one with us or hiring a speaker, please send us a message through the form below asking for more information.

If, instead, you wish to attend our events or would like further information, please follow us on Facebook or check our Eventbrite page.



Startuppers, Marketers, Artists, Coaches, Educators, Consultants, Changemakers.

For us, creative entrepreneurs are those who have a creative mindset, which is different from having a creative job.

They think in terms of creating opportunities, producing results and making profits.

This leads us to create marketing strategies that generate wealth and free up your time for your next big idea.

You can focus on your creativity and give life to new ideas.

In the meantime, we define the best marketing strategy to make them unforgettable.

Let’s meet and see how we can grow together!

Claudia Marras

Claudia Marras

Founder • Creative Director


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