The Agency

We are a purpose-driven agency, founded in Spain in 2018.

The name Mūdita comes from Sanskrit and it means to Enjoy Others’ Success.

This is what we do every day by creating meaningful partnerships between responsible organisations.

We stand for Consciousness, Courage & Collaboration. 

We exist to transform the competitive way of marketing by building the most responsible & impactful collaborative marketing ecosystem.

We envision a world in which responsible organisations collaborate together to make a greater impact on our society and planet.

Without Mudita

Partnership Marketing can be a tough process. You have to research, create a strategy, plan activities, design and build assets, cultivate relationships, run programs and campaigns, analyse performance data and build a team able to manage it all in-house

– or –

keep postponing partnership marketing knowing that

Lack Of Partners Or Low Performing Marketing Partnerships Will Cost you

You’ll miss opportunities to grow 

Your impact goals will be harder to achieve alone

You won’t be able to leverage external creativity and collaboration

Your organisation won’t be able to rely on partners when things get hard

Your people will question your reputation by seeing that you have no partner by your side

With Mudita

You don’t have to do it all yourself

We understand that without the time and internal resources, creating an effective partnership marketing strategy and developing your own partner ecosystem can be difficult

We will stand by your side and provide everything you need to create and develop marketing partnerships aimed to achieve your organisation’s goals

This is how you develop the marketing partner ecosystem with whom you can thrive in a sustainable way

Partnership Marketing Becomes Easier

You’ll be able to add new revenue streams 

Your impact goals will be easier to achieve together

You will be able to innovate by leveraging external creativity 

Your organisation will be supported by trusted partners when things get hard

Your reputation will be enhanced by the value-aligned partners who will stand by your side

Our Services

Our Partnership Marketing services are customised according to the organisation's needs and objectives and are designed holistically while respecting and enhancing other business areas

Situation Audit

Brand Identity

Custom Strategy


Joint Goal Planning

Content Creation

Launch & Enable

Dedicated PMM

Performance & Impact

A Unique Method To Create Effective And Meaningful Marketing Partnerships 

Partnership marketing doesn’t happen by chance, it must be developed strategically

Here is our 3-step proven method to make it happen

Get Ready

Get Started

Get Better Together


Get Ready

To get ready, we are going to analyse the current situation of your organisation to improve the aspects that will make you a better marketing partner and then create a customised marketing partnership strategy.


Get Started

We make it easy for you to find your ideal partners. Together with them, we are going to define a joint goal plan and create all the partnership assets (from concept to delivery) for programmes and campaigns.


Get Better Together

With a long-term vision of sustainable growth, together we can develop your thriving partner ecosystem so that you can boost your impact, grow your revenue and inspire more people!


Choose Your Plan And Get A Custom Quote 

Our plans are specifically designed to suit the specific needs of any organisation and foster sustainable growth through partnership marketing over the medium to long term

To meet the specific needs and objectives of each organisation, prices and timeframes may vary



3.000 €

For organisations that want to start partnership marketing on the right foot

What’s included?

Situation Audit

Brand Identity Opt.

Custom Strategy



5.000 €

For organisations that lack time and resources to create marketing partnerships

What’s included?


Joint Planning

Content Creation



1.500 €

For organisations that need help in developing a thriving partner ecosystem

What’s included?

Launch & Enable

Dedicated PMM

Performance and Impact

Contact us to find out which plan best fits your organisation’s needs and get a custom quote

We will help you clarify any doubts and better understand how we work

For Responsible Organisations Only

We offer our services to organisations that, in addition to profit, are pursuing social and environmental goals and aim to make a greater impact together






You’re In Good Company

Claudia has led me and helped me through a very important process of reevaluating my business strategy. She made me think in a very constructive way and focus on the things that do really matter to me. I highly recommend her services.

Othman Haddad

Co-founder of Soul Evolution, Switzerland

Working with Mudita Agency has been very enriching: clear ideas, easy to implement methodology and excellent follow-up. We have obtained real solutions and great results. Claudia is a great professional and a lovely person. 100% recommended.

Natalia Gómez del Pozuelo

Author, Founder of AME, Spain

Mudita are our preferred partners to help us with our partnership strategy. Claudia is a fantastic guide to help us develop our partnerships, so we can even better help women entrepreneurs get funded. I highly recommend this agency.

Anne Ravanona

Founder & CEO of Global Invest Her, France

I can't recommend Mudita Agency highly enough. I felt I needed to develop greater clarity and a more focused direction. Claudia certainly helped me do exactly that. I am incredibly grateful and am very excited for the future of my business.

Keith Abraham

CEO of Heroic Hearts , UK

There are no stars or words in a review that can reflect the level of gratitude we feel towards the Mudita team. Such a profound vision as that provided by Claudia and her team is the basis for the success of any marketing plan.

Alejandro Wonenburger

Co-founder & CCO of Plant on Demand, Spain

Our experience with Mudita  has been outstanding. We’d like to highlight three aspects to encourage you to contact them: active listening, own methodology, problem-solving. Thank you so much for joining us in improving our value proposition.

Eleonora Barone

Founder of mYmO, Spain

Some Members Of Our Thriving Ecosystem

Our clients, members and partners are all part of responsible organisations, impact accelerators, communities, tech and service providers who share the value of collaboration.


Why should I contact Mudita?

Mudita is the partnership marketing agency for responsible organisations that create collaborative advantage. You should contact us if you are an entrepreneur or part of a responsible organisation that, like us, shares the value of collaboration and are interested in integrating partnership marketing into your existing marketing mix.

What is Partnership Marketing?

Partnership marketing is a marketing strategy based on collaboration between 2 or more organisations with the intent of creating medium- or long-term marketing campaigns and/or programs.

What is CoPartnerUp?

CoPartnerUp is the community by Mudita where leaders from responsible organisations come together to create meaningful and effective marketing partnerships.

How can I join CoPartnerUp?

You can join our community by invitation only. To get your invitation, submit the form on this page. Once we receive your request, we will process it within 72 hours.

I would love to join the Mudita team. Where can I find your job openings?

To stay up-to-date on any open roles, please follow us on our LinkedIn pages Mudita and CoPartnerUp.

What does it take to become a Mudita partner?

We partner with responsible organisations, accelerators, impact communities, tech and service providers who share our passion for collaboration. To propose a partnership, contact us and we will be happy to explore it with you.

I have additional questions, how can I contact you?

We will be happy to answer all your questions. Please fill out the contact form here or leave a message in the chat. A member of our team will get back to you within 72 hours.

Because It’s Time To Join Forces To Make This World A Better Place Together